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The CFA du Bâtiment PACA is the leading training centre for the construction trades in the South of France. With six sites across the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region, it offers young people aged between 15 and 29 the chance to earn vocational diplomas in a range of building professions while also gaining valuable experience with companies through its apprenticeship system.

By offering innovative training programmes for apprentices that are adapted to the construction sector, the CFA du Bâtiment PACA can meet the needs of companies and provide the right human resources solutions.

As part of its strategic plan to provide the best training experiences possible, the CFA du Bâtiment PACA is integrating European and international opportunities into its vocational diploma programmes. This will provide apprentices with the chance to gain new professional skills and enjoy unique personal experiences outside of their regular work and study environment. Our organisation has set itself the target of sending approximately a hundred young people on international placements each year.

Students at the CFA du Bâtiment PACA alternate between in-class training with top experts and work placements with companies working in their chosen field. As part of the international mobility programme, apprentices can spend part of their training period abroad, from two to three weeks on a short-term mobility programme (depending on the location and the training course) to three months or more on a long-term mobility programme. Students will also be able to meet apprentices from partner training centres in other countries who have come to the South of France to discover the expertise of our young people, our training centres, and our companies.

New mobility projects are organised at our training centres every year thanks to funding from the European Erasmus+ Programme as well as co-financing from the CCCA-BTP national association for the construction industry and the OPCO training organisation.

For further information about our mobility programmes, please contact Tatiana SARE, the Regional Mobility Officer for the CFA du Bâtiment PACA, at:

B.Mobil! long-term mobility programme

This long-term mobility programme is for individual students and runs for a minimum period of three months during the CFA training course. It involves a work placement and/or classes at a training centre in another country.

This international mobility experience offers a total immersion in a country of the student’s choice where there is a CFA partner.

Short-term mobility programme

This group mobility project runs for two or three weeks and is overseen by an apprentice supervisor from a work placement company and/or an instructor from the training centre.

This mobility programme is available for a selection of training courses offered by the CFA du Bâtiment.

The objective is to provide young people with new perspectives on their chosen professions through a short-term immersion in another country.




  1. Students in the BPMIGCS programme for climate control and sanitation engineering at the CFA centre in Toulon spent three weeks in Germany.
  2. Students in the BP/BAC PRO ELEC electrician programme spent two weeks in Denmark and were able to get KNX smart home technology certification.
Welcoming international apprentices and delegations

The CFA du Batiment’s incoming mobility programme welcomes international apprentices at one of the six training centres in the South of France and/or at one of the CFA’s partner companies.

This programme allows both international and local French apprentices to have new experiences and share knowledge about different working methods, etc.




  1. German apprentices spent one week at the CFA training centre in Toulon and then two weeks at a partner company in the Toulon area. Danish apprentices were also in Toulon, with one week at the training centre and one week with a partner company.
  2. Belgian apprentices came to the CFA training centre in Antibes to learn dry stone construction techniques.
Diplomas with a European component

The CFA du Batiment offers a vocational diploma with a European component. This involves two different two-week training periods in another European country.

The apprentice’s work placement company in France is involved in training programme and the assessment of apprentice, a part of which is carried out abroad.




The BPMIGCS programme for climate control and sanitation engineering with a European component at the CFA d’Aix en Provence.

Starting in June 2024, students in the first year of their vocational diploma will spend two weeks at a training centre in Denmark and then two weeks with a company in Poland during their second year.